TECNO will continue to offer affordable mid-to-high-end smartphones

TECNO Mobile may be a new brand in the global market, but it has quickly established a reputation as a brand to watch. Its growth has focused on global emerging markets, and it has quickly established a reputation as a brand to watch. The company also stated that it has no plans to change its strategy in the near future, and that it will continue to offer competitively priced mid-to-high-end smartphones.

The rise of TECNO Mobile in the Philippines can be attributed in large part to its affordable smartphone portfolio, as well as its in-depth understanding of its customers’ needs. This is also consistent with TECNO’s ethos, which is based on a business strategy known as “glocalization,” which refers to the creation of products that can be customized to suit specific markets or regions.

“This has helped TECNO grow into one of the most admired smartphone brands, as well as an expert in providing industrial-leading technology and innovative devices designed for global users in emerging markets,”  said Stephen Ha, TECNO’s General Manager.

TECNO’s product line is currently enriched by its quad-core smartphone product lines as well as various AIoT products, offering consumers high-quality middle and high-end smart devices.

“We offer a very competitive price, enabling our customers to always stay connected to the world and enjoy a fashionable way of life. Unlike many international brands, TECNO focuses on users in emerging markets and creatively combines global technology with the actual needs of local consumers, bringing them cutting-edge technology with localized innovation and differentiated features. This kind of innovation is in our DNA,”  Ha added.

In 2021, the company intends to take another step forward in the hopes of securing a stronger position in more emerging markets.

As TECNO expands its presence in the mid-to-high end market, it will strengthen its position by introducing premium smart devices and services-based offerings, as well as leading with a customer-centric innovation mindset.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for both industry and society; however, TECNO has stated that every challenge presents an opportunity. “We maintained open lines of communication with our global partners during this time.” We walked alongside our customers to assist them in overcoming obstacles. “We’ve always been the brand that pushes boundaries,” Ha explained.

TECNO also gave back to the communities. They put in place quick-response measures to help local communities during outburst events like COVID-19.

This year, the company also completed its first CSR campaign in the Philippines, partnering with beneficiaries who are all community pillars – Project Malasakit, a scholarship program; the City of Manila through Mayor Isko Moreno’s Office; and Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish in Payatas. Each partner beneficiary received a smartphone and cash prize, which was given to their community’s “pandemic heroes” for their unwavering service, as well as to dedicated and promising students.

“We are investing more around digitalization to drive a positive impact on the business ecosystem, consumers as well as social development. For example, we held the first global AR launch event for the CAMON 16 series in 2020; we witnessed the rise of the short-video social trend, and launched the very first documentary looking at the “rise of selfie”, calling out for the public to employ devices in a positive way. We are also investing more in e-commerce to bring better convenience to consumers,”  Ha concludes.


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