Smart dominates the April 2022 Opensignal Mobile Experience Awards

The Mobile Network Experience Report as well as the Mobile Experience Awards for April 2022 have been issued by Opensignal, providing a review of how Globe, Smart, and DITO fared during the month.

Smart wins in terms of overall download speeds, with a speed of 19.7 Mbps. DITO is second at 14.8 Mbps, and Globe is third with 11.9 Mbps. Smart has the fastest 5G download speeds at 149.9 Mbps, followed by Globe at 111 Mbps.

In terms of overall upload speeds, DITO comes out on top with 4.8 Mbps, Smart with 4.5 Mbps, and Globe with 3 Mbps. Smart has the fastest 5G upload speeds at 14.6 Mbps, followed by Globe at 11 Mbps.

In terms of 5G Availability and 5G Reach, Smart comes out on top with a score of 14.7 percent, which is 5.8 percentage points more than Globe’s 8.8%. In 5G Reach, Smart’s margin is narrower: it wins with 4.4 points, while Globe comes in second with 3.5 points.

Smart also took first place in the categories of Games Experience and Voice App Experience. The former has a score of 54, which is 12.9 points (31.5 percent) higher than DITO, which is in second position. Smart wins the 5G Games Experience with a score of 68.1 points, which is 11.3 points higher than Globe’s score of 56.8 points.

Globe leads by 7.8 percentage points over second-placed Smart in the Excellent Consistent Quality category. Globe outperformed DITO by 12.8 percentage points in Core Consistent Quality.

“For the first time, we have directly compared the mobile network experience and the 5G experience of our Filipino users in the same report and in another first we have also analyzed the consistency of our users’ experience. Smart is once again the operator to beat in the Philippines. This time around it has snapped up 11 out of a possible 16 awards — including all those for download speed and users’ experience when playing multiplayer mobile games or using over-the-top voice apps on cellular connections. DITO comes top for both Upload Speed Experience and Availability, while Globe wins the 5G Video Experience award and both awards for consistent quality,” according to the research.


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