Philippines tops the list of countries that spend time on PornHub in 2021

As the year 2021 comes to a close, most websites, including Pornhub, reveal their annual statistics. The Philippines has once again risen to the top of the list of countries that enjoy watching movies on their site.

The Philippines ranks ninth among the top 20 countries in terms of online traffic, down one point from previous year. Pornhub reports that the top 20 nations account for 79 percent of the website’s daily traffic.

Aside from that, the Philippines tops the list of nations with the longest visits to Pornhub, at 11 minutes and 31 seconds per visit, which is longer than the global average of 9 minutes and 55 seconds. Porhub argues that the time spent on the site can represent a variety of factors, including internet speed in some areas. It’s also worth noting that female visitors spend 14 seconds longer on average than male visitors.

In 2021, the proportion of female tourists increased to 35%, representing a 1% increase and a 5% increase over 2020. Among the Top 20 countries stated before, the Philippines is one of the few with a female audience rate of more than 40%. Looking at the categories, we can see what most users look for, and the ‘Japanese’ category is the most popular with men, and ‘Lesbian’ is the most popular with women. The ‘Threesome’ category placed fourth for women and tenth for men.

Further investigation reveals that the most searched phrase in the Philippines remains ‘Pinay,’ although other terms, such as ‘Korean,’ ‘Asian,’ and ‘Anime,’ entered the top 10 for the first time. According to their data, the Philippines are +286 percent more likely to watch Hentai videos, 134 percent more likely to watch Romantic videos, and +111 percent more likely to watch Cartoon videos than the rest of the world.

Pornhub, for instance, released data that revealed the top searches in 2021. Previously, in 2018, it was ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Bowsette,’ in 2019, it was ‘amateur’ porn and ‘aliens,’ and in 2020, it was ‘quarantine.’ The top phrase for 2021 was ‘hentai.’

Source: Pornhub


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