Kalaro app has been launched: The Super App That Empowers Filipino Gamers

Imagine becoming a gamer and having complete control over “what buttons to push” – deciding what you want to do and choosing the things you enjoy and want, getting to immerse yourself in your favorite games, streaming online and earning, training for the competitive scene, eating, sleeping, and resetting for another fun and exciting day.

Gamers in countries such as the United States and China are empowered to pursue a career in eSports because of government and other institutional support. Indeed, many colleges and universities have already embraced and incorporated video games into their curricula.

In this regard, the Philippines’ eSports maturity remains well behind that of the rest of the world, owing to several factors:

There is still a societal acceptance and stigma that gaming is not a sport and that becoming a professional gamer is not a job.

Since not everyone has the opportunities and room to play and be seen, there is a lack of inclusivity and diversity.

There is a lack of official and coordinated practice areas and a one-stop-shop that advocates and creates an organized movement for the neighborhood.

That sounds like the nation has a lot of catching up to do. The good news is that a new generation eSports digital platform – Kalaro – has been developed by Pinoys for the Filipino gaming community to empower local players.

Kalaro is a fantastic app that offers a plethora of virtual functionality and services to gamers and content developers, game strategists, tournament managers, and entrepreneurs. It includes tournament management, social media, a video hub, and several other features.

Those behind the platform recognize the country’s eSports industry’s potential. As a result, Kalaro aims to bring together Filipino eSports enthusiasts to cultivate or groom gamers to be the best they can be by offering opportunities for learning and development through technology.

Despite the global pandemic, the global gaming industry was estimated at $151.55 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 20% to $179.7 billion in 2020, according to GroupM, the world’s largest media investment firm.

The global audience for eSports, or structured types of competitive games played in tournaments and leagues, is estimated to be 495 million people. With 43 million eSports fans in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Filipino gamers have dominated many foreign online gaming tournaments in recent years. In just four months, Team Philippines has crowned champions of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 World Championship in January 2021 and the FIBA Esports Regional Championship in April.

How Kalaro can help Pinoy gamers

Tournament Management: With a few mouse clicks, you can manage several tournaments’ player registration, team formation, bracketing, and promotion. On the other hand, gamers can easily participate in active tournaments, which can serve as a training ground for them to practice and develop their skills in preparation for more competitive and blogger tournaments in the future.

Brand Integration: Kalaro can be used as a tool to combine the monetization and activation of brand campaigns. Companies can organically tap the gaming community known to help goods and services that fund eSports events. Kalaro can also help gamers, and tournament organizers start developing their networks.

In-app Social Media and Content Browsing: Expand your network by interacting with other gamers in real-time while honing your gaming skills. Since this will also act as a social media forum and video portal for the gaming world, there is a greater chance of discoverability. There is also an in-app currency created to compensate for gems of cashless purchases and a better gaming experience.

In-app advocacy: Kalaro encourages work-life balance while driving eSports and public sustainability through in-app advocacy. One of its objectives is to help gamers develop the discipline required to be accepted as true athletes in the world of eSports. When these goals are met, more businesses will recognize the importance of using eSports as a team bonding initiative to improve camaraderie. Schools will embrace video games as part of their curriculum, as they do in other countries, and the government will provide additional funding to the eSports industry.

Kalaro is giving away up to 5 million Kalaro gems to lucky app users. But, of course, all are still welcome to participate. All they have to do is sign up for a free account and begin exploring the many features of the super app.

It believes that the eSports industry will provide a lifeline for many Filipino gamers, who can now interact and compete with those from other countries. As Kalaro expands its efforts to reach every eSports enthusiast in the region, its ultimate aim is to see the platform used by entire Asia and, maybe, the rest of the world. So, we play as one with Kalari.

Visit Kalaro on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube for more information.


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