How to Extend Globe Data Promos Using GOSURFBE34: Go Promos, GoSakto Promos, and other Data Promos

Do you often miss the expiration of your data promos while there is still a data balance?

If you have experienced this, this is a possible solution to your problem. Just follow the tutorials below:

How to Extend Go Promos?

To see the list of Globe Go Promos and the details, Click Here.

To Register, follow the format below.

>> Text GO50 to 8080, wait for the reply

To Extend by 15 Days, load 34 Pesos and follow the format below.

>> Text GOSURFBE34 to 8080, wait for the reply.

How to Extend GOSAKTO90 Promos?

GOSAKTO90 comes with 2GB open access (regular) mobile data, 1GB per day for GoWATCH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP, and unlimited all-net texts for ₱90 – valid for 7 days.


· 2GB Mobile Data


· Unlimited Texts to all networks + 1 GB GoWiFi Access

· Valid for 7 days (₱90)

· Keyword: GOSAKTO

To Register, follow the format below.

>> Text GOSAKTO90 to 8080, wait for the reply.

To extend by 15 Days, load 34 Pesos and follow the format below.

>> Text GOSURFBE34 to 8080wait for the reply.

To extend by 30 Days, load 121 Pesos and follow the format below

>> Text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080wait for the reply.

OVERALL TAKE NOTE: After you send the Extend Promo Codes to wait for their reply, your promo’s extension is successful.

Promo Addons

You can add more data to your subscription by buying a promo add-on. Text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080 to get an additional 1GB of mobile Internet data. The add-on costs ₱37.

If you run out of data while watching YouTube or Netflix, don’t worry. You can text GOWATCH29 to 8080 to add 2GB of data for your GoWatch apps. This promo add-on costs ₱29.


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