Guide on how to know your DITO Sim number easily

Guide on how to know your DITO Sim number easily.

When you buy your DITO SIM, your number is already entered in the SIM Cardholder, but sometimes it is no longer set. So here are the other ways to find out your DITO Sim number.

DITO Text Message (3349)

  • When you plug in your DITO Sim on your device, and there is a signal, DITO Telecommunity will automatically text you with the number 3349; the text sent to you will contain the Welcome message, password, DITO application, and the next is your DITO Sim Number.

Via DITO Application

  • With your DITO App, you will see and know here your DITO Sim number. Just log in to the DITO App, and you’ll see it instantly at the top of your dashboard.

If no DITO SIM number comes to you, follow this guide below:

Calling 185

  • If you do not receive a text message from the DITO Telecommunity mentioned above, you can call 185 and check your balance. When you check your balance, it will text you the information about your load balance, including your DITO Sim Number.

Texting 185

  • Another way to find out your DITO Sim number is to text 185. text HELP to 185, and it will reply with options; when you have received their message, select “Inquire Balance” after that, you will receive your balance information, and it includes your DITO Sim number .

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