Google’s Play Store will have a new Data Safety Section

Users will be able to view what data Android Apps will gather thanks to Google’s new Data Safety section on the Play Store.

Google has now launched a new safety area in the Play Store in the goal of keeping Google Play a safe and trusted place for Android app users. Users will be able to see how each app collects, shares, and secures user data under the Data Security area. By July 20, developers must also finish this part and add their app’s information.

This new area will contain details such as whether the developer collects data and for what purpose, whether the developer shares data with third parties, and even the app’s security policies. There will also be information on whether developers have agreed to Google Play’s Families Policy and have validated their security methods against a worldwide security standard.

The new area will aid Google in strengthening its security policies and preserving user privacy by ensuring that users are informed about the purpose of their data and how it is protected. The Play Store’s new Data Security section looks a lot to Apple’s “Privacy Nutrition Labels,” which debuted in 2020.

Visit Google’s blog or this part in Google Play Help to learn more about the new Data safety area in the Play Store.


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